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Enter in LR Group


For Info : 1lr001@limaradio.it

Dear friend, on this form you will find all the information to join the LIMA RADIO Group. The Group wants experienced operators that don’t use the radio for speculation, politics or racial discrimination. The Group’s motto is: “WE ARE THE RIGHT WAY FOR THE FUTURE”.

For the membership we ask you:

To have at least 100 Countries confirmed by Qsl (please, send us the list);
Name that you use on the air;
Name, surname, telephone and home address to send you material;
Co-ordination for to print on the LR Directory.

You will join in all L.R. Group activities without any cost. Notice: to remain in good standing with the Group, it’s compulsory to renew every year or to purchase the annual L.R. Directory. A member that does not renew in the time (by the end of October each year) is deleted, and his or her unit  number may be re-assigned during the first of January of the next of membership. It’s enough to send us the list at least 100 confirmed Countries, but we could ask you at any time to send photocopies of both  qsl’s & envelopes in ascertain.
These rules of the renovations are worth only for the Italian operators. For the foreign operators and not Italians, the annual renovation and close to print, is FREE. For registration to the group the ruls are equal for all the operators: Italians and foreigners. For the foreign operators that want to receive the L.R. directory, after having made application within the month of October to 1LR001 Dino (1lr001@limaradio.it) ask the cost.
Advisable to have them verified by the local L.R. Director, if you have one. We send you our material direct to your home address (plain envelope). Due to high Bank charges we can’t accept coins or cheques. Please, only banknote.


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