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Rules UK Contest 2022

The contest is open to all Lima Radio UK over TWO weekend days.
28 & 29 May – 4 & 5 June. Sunrise to Sunset, but date may be subject to change is conditions are unfavorable.
Contest manager is 26LR009 Mick. Log sheets required end of July 2022.
This contest aim is to contact as stations as possible, both LR operators and also non LR (AT, SD, RC, IR). At each QSO generates a progressive number, both given and received. Example; 26LR009 contacts 1LR164, Mick (009) will pass Paolo (164) a progressive number corresponding to the number of contacts made in UK LR contest and Paolo (164) will do the same.
Mick (009) gives 123 and receives 003 and so on…
The progressive numbers are useful to speed up the exchange and for the confirmation of the logging.
Points Scoring: 1 point for every contact made.
Addition of 10 points for contacts with LR stations in UK, but not the same country. (QSO's among members of the same country are not allowed, 26 div. can’t contact 26 div. but can contact 163, 108, or 68 or vice versa.
Addition of 10 points for LR stations in Europe
Addition of 20 points for LR stations outside Europe ( For example -America, Asia, Africa, Oceania)
Addition of 100 points for contacts with LR Jolly stations; 1LR001, 1LR004, 1LR164 & 1LR059.
26LR009 has a total of 50 points + 3 LR stations in Europe + 1 LR station in Asia + 1 LR Jolly
Score of 50 + (10 x 3) + 20 + 100 = Total 200 Points
First 3 26 Div classified with the highest points will be awarded (Div.26).
1 prize to the first LR station outside 26 Div (it means: Div.29, 68, 108, 137, 163, 167, 169 & the rest of the world)
1 prize to the first not LR station
Good luck to all !!!
Lima Radio Dx Group.
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