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1º In each contact number progressive will be given,  
2º Hunters, it is not necessary you to pass number progressive  
3º The activities to activate, will be to two turns
4º Each activity will be of two days or more.  
5º alone a contact in each turn  
6º Operators LR of Great Canaria, you can activate from their own station it bases and portable of their Municipality  
5º Hunters, the LOG should send, with the number granted progressive and data of the contact.  
6º are not monitor frequency in this activity  
7º The frequency and days of activity, it will spend information before three days, for Facebook, and other means, as clusters.  
8º will Have a secret municipality as, (special activity) alone at the end in the classification, information of this will be given (special)    
9º For the hunters you confirms via E-QSL  
10º Office of E-QSL, is: e-mail,
11º The organization can make changes without previous warnings, of each activity, but with information before or to the moment  
12º The days of activities can be in any date of the week,  
13º The LOG like information of this SES, it will be it publishes when the HQLR confirms it.  
14, luck to the preys and Hunters.  
15º Organize, Great Canaries Team, (GCT)  
To each participant that their LOG sends, he/she is confirmed with AWARD.  
it doesn't care the contacts that you make.  
1º Award Gold, more a present of the island  
2º Award Silver, more a present of the island  
3º Award Brass, more a present of the island
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